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WATERPROOF Secure locking system

Resistente al agua

Water resistant

Years of research and development have resulted in the first WATERPROOF magnetic lock in the world. The functionality of this new button is not altered even if it is accidentally wet or wash. This means that its useful life greatly lengthens and increases safety.

Más fuerte


Completely renovated inside, with strong construction, new design and new materials that give a resistance of up to 47% higher.

Más sencillo


The new button is compatible with the pin of standard button, as well as with the magnetic key. This facilitates its use, allows the pins to leave placed on restraint devices* and health staff need not handle multiple keys.

More safe

With all these advantages, the new magnetic waterproof button SVF3505 is the safest, versatile and economical option for secure restraint systems.

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    Code Sales unit
    SVF3505 Box of 10 waterproof buttons + 10 pivots
    Box of 20 waterproof buttons without pivots
    SVF3504 Box of 20 stainless steel pivots (only for magnetic opening buttons)
    SVF3551 Box of 10 magnetic keys
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