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From the therapeutic restraint systems till the comfortable anti-diaper, our trademarks make your therapy to patients more comfortable and facilitate the use by professional carers, hence guaranteeing safety of both.

We offer 5 clearly differentiated product lines:

Restraint systems

Salvafix: The most comfortable, quick and secure preventive therapeutic restraint system in the market. Designed for patients who require a secure and comfortable restraint, it makes self-control easier and avoids the risk of self-injury or injuries to others as well as falls from the bed, stretcher, chair or armchair. It also allows to safely regulate the height of restraint in accordance with the requirements of the treatment.

Salvafast: Quick restraint system thanks to an efficient system of double hook and loop fastener. Suitable for emergency services, neurology, ICU, etc. where the time factor is vital. Easy to use by healthcare personnel and comfortable for the patient.

Salvaclip: Vests, bodices and belts for positioning and restraint of seated patients. They correct instability problems of patients affected by different levels of functional disability, in chair, armchair or wheelchair.

Salvacel: Preventive light-restraint systems. Wrist holders, mitten, abdominal belt and frontal absorbent band for O.R., made from lightweight and breathable materials for maximum comfort and minimum visual impact.

Transfer and mobilisation

Medi-roller: Board with tubular slide cover that allows patients to be transferred easily to or from beds, stretchers, operating tables, X-ray tables, etc. Suitable to transfer patients between two surfaces separated from each other (up to 20 cm) and/or with a difference in height (up to 20 cm).

Medi-Glide: Board to assist transfers that significantly reduces the effort required for transfers. Resistant and lightweight, has a slippery side and non-slip bands on the other side to secure a safe, quick and comfortable transfer.

Medi-Slide: Padded tubular slide sheets that assist to make comfortable, quick and safe transfers. Manufactured with a mix of technologically advanced materials that provide excellent sliding and high comfort thanks to its inner padding and soft outer fabric.

Medi-tools: Technical aids for patient mobilisation. Band, belt, pull and grip band and turntables allow getting up, moving, positioning, sitting, etc. in a quick and safe way, minimising the required efforts for caregivers and patient.

Translide: Tubular and flat slide sheets that allow for easy, quick and comfortable transfers of patients, exerting minimal efforts by the caregivers given its special sliding and low-friction features.

Prevention of pressure sores

Salvapad: Prevention program of pressure sores. A simple, inexpensive and effective way of preventing sore damage by pressure or abrasion. With a padded base of support for elbow and heel. Made with padded material, gentle to the touch. Fastening by hook and loop fastener.

Salvapad Mouton: Prevention program of pressure sores in mouton fabric. Ergonomic designed protectors made with Mouton fabric of siliconed hollow fibre. Breathable, soft and comfortable, maintains the skin dry when in contact with the fabric.

Salvapad Fibre: Technical pillows and mattresses for postural support and prevention of pressure sores. It provides a stable and comfortable positioning to the patient, dispersing the pressure in areas with bony prominences, and hence preventing the appearance of decubitus ulcers and enhancing his/her rest.

Protection and hygiene

Bodyfix: Pyjama/cover specially designed to provide comfort and a very light restrain, allowing certain mobility. It is not a secure restraint system for aggressive and agitated patients.

Bodysystem: Pyjama manufactured in one piece to avoid the access of the patient to the diaper. It also allows the caregivers to easily change the diaper without having to take off the patient's pyjamas.

Medicovers: Hygienic covers for mattress and pillow. They are reusable and manufactured with a 100% polyester technical fabric with polyurethane coating. They are impermeable, breathable, flame-retardant, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

Medicovers Absor: Bed underpads for incontinent patients. It protects the mattress and the bed's clothes, maintaining the patient comfortably dry at the same time thanks to its ultra-absorbent material.

Medicovers Protector: Padded protector for bed rails Protects the patient from injuries by hitting the bed rails. They also prevent the patient from sliding the arms or legs between sidebars.

Orthopedic Appliances

Sling: Safe and comfortable shoulder immobiliser in a padded special fabric, durable and gentle to the touch.

Swathe: Lightweight swathe for shoulder immobilisation, adjustable by using hook and loop fastener and provided with a thumb support.

Ortocel Soft: Joint immobilisers for application in heat/cold therapies. Adjustable supports by hook and loop fastener, made from soft touch padded material for easy and efficient application in heat/cold therapies.

Ortoband: Elastic compression bands usable for pelvic retractions, traumatisms or post-operative periods.

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